About FlamesPhoto

Hey and welcome to my page, I hope all of you are feeling well.

Photography has been a passion of mine for many years, ever since I got my first digital camera with 1.2mp.
I now have been working with a mirrorless Sony a6000 since 2016, and edit them using Lightroom.

I tend to see the world around me with an photographic eye.
Love to walk in the deep woods, exploring interesting locations, and historical sites.

I also always bring my camera with me to concerts I attend, mostly metal shows at small to mid-size venues around Gothenburg.
I go to a bunch of show's every year, when it isn't an ongoing pandemic.

I love when people show appreciation for my work, especially when bands I shoot do it.

Spread love, enjoy life, live in the moment.

// Love & Empathy
Gothenburg, Sweden